Monday, June 22, 2015


Because we are moving into my studio for the summer, my studio has been relegated to what I like to call my "mini studio".  It has tons of different sized drawers, zippered bags, etc.  The desk collapsed and it all folds up into a big armoir! Right now it is about 3/4's full.  I will be filling the little empty bags hanging last.  These are attached via velcro, so they are very user friendly..

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Boston Strong

So inspired yesterday by the Boston Marathon and Rebecca Gregroy.. she is a person of amazing resilience, strength & spirit.  I would love to run the Boston Marathon one day! 

Sunday, March 29, 2015

This bracelet is to remind you that wherever you are in life, to keep riding your Wave of Life. Whether your are struggling in deep seas of adversity (represented by the blue sea gass), at a place of wonderful happiness (represented by the pale aqua sea glass), or somewhere in between (represented by our water glass beads), the important thing is to keep riding. While its waves may break, the sea remains Unbroken, as will you.

Remember, sea glass was once broken, but survived the toughest waves to make it to the shoreline of the sea as a treasured gem.

This bracelet comes with a small card. On one side, is a beautiful picture of the ocean. On the other, is a description of the meaning of the bracelet, as shown above.

This bracelet is available in 3 sizes. The Small (about 2 inch inner diameter) is perfect for Youth and Women with small wrists. The Medium (about 2 1/4 inch inner diameter) is perfect for a woman with an average sized wrist. The Large (about 2 1/2 inner diameter) is good for a larger wrist or someone who wants more a bangle style bracelet. The bracelet is made of memory wire. This means the bracelet has give for you to open it and wrap it around your wrist and it will still maintain its shape. I have left a tiny amount of space, to allow the bracelet to have some "give" without damaging the sea glass or glass beads.

Dream of the Sea.
Breathe the salty air.
Ride the Wave of Life.


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