Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Late Post

Wow, talk about a hectic day!   I was determined to get a post in today, though, so here it goes~ better late than never!  These are 2 pics of my kids during snack time.  In the 1st pic, they are both enjoying a pretzel. In the 2nd pic, my daughter appears to be busted eating not only her pretzel, but her brother's as well.  Hope you all had a great day.  I am looking forward to a more tranquil tomorrow!!


  1. that expression is just too much!!!!!! lol!!

  2. Really cute photoes! Look at her eyes in the last photo. Look at your little boy's lovely smile in the first photo. Bless!

  3. They are gorgeous!

    A new follower from the blog hop. Would love to have your companion at Obstacles & Glories, have a great weekend!

  4. So cute!!! :)

    Stopping by to say hello! I found you on the Hop Along Friday and I now follow you.

    Would you mind stopping by my blog and following back? Thanks!!

    ~The Reynolds Mom~



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