Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"Law Breaker" Saves Lives

This past Saturday a gentleman by the name of Russel Ord took his PWC (personal watercraft) out in the waves of the Monteray Bay Marine Sanctuary.  PWC's have been banned there, so technically, Ord was breaking the law.  He went to photograph the surfers in the huge swell.

A lot of surfers had been lured closer in by a consistent break.  They were caught off guard when an enormous 25 foot+ set came through.  They scrambled to clear the swell and get out of the impact zone.  In the center of the photograph above, you can see a man on a green surfboard.  His name is Jacob Trette.  He did not make it over the wave.  Rather he was sucked down the falls.  When he resurfaced, he faced a second monstrous wave.

Luckily, Ord was safe from the impact zone an went into action.  He was in the process of rescuing another surfer when he saw Trette's lifeless body floating in the foamy aftermath of the huge waves.  They raced him to shore where CPR was immediately started.  Trette remains in critical condition & what (if any) damage to his brain from lack of oxygen is still unknown.

I am so tired of ridiculous rules & regulations that are meant to "protect" us, when in reality, we are just being treated like children & over-policed.  I see it again & again.  Whether it is the arbitrary policing of the Etsy website or some politician who has no water experience deciding what is right & what is wrong, it is just plain annoying.  I am glad there was a "renegade" like Ord out in th water that day.  We should all be so lucky to have such a law breaker nearby.


  1. I totally agree with you Kelly. There are so many stupid rules and regulations, supposedly for OUR benefit - NOT! As you say, thank goodness that Ord was there. I wonder if he will be charged with anything? wouldn't surprise me! I despair sometimes.

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  4. Thank goodness for law breakers! I heard a ludicrous new law is going into effect in a few states that will prohibit walkers and bikers from wearing headphones or talking on cell phones. Seriously, when will it end??

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    Excited to follow all your adventures now, too.

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