Friday, January 28, 2011

Sophie The Giraffe: Perfect Teether or Overpriced Nonsense?

Ok, my 9 month old is hitting teething time.  She is shoving everything into her mouth.  Here is my question.  What do you all think of Sophie the Giraffe???  I keep hearing rave reviews on it. People have said it has been a lifesaver for their teething baby & that if they lost theirs they would replace it immediately..

 My only real hesitation on buying it is the price.  At nearly $17, this is not a cheap teether.  On the other hand, I am getting tired of chasing her around & taking things away from her.  It does look like something that would appeal to her, I am just wavering on the price..

Have any of you had any experience with Sophie the Giraffe?  What do you think~ is it the perfect teether or a bunch of overpriced nonsense?


  1. We LOVE Sophie the Giraffe at our house. It's a brand trusted for over 40 years, and we appreciate that it is BPA free.

    Worth it!


  2. I can't really comment on the giraffe. It is awfully cute...but definitely pricey for a teether.

    I'm a new follower of your blog and I hope you'll stop by my blog and follow me too!

  3. We got one as a gift and have never used it. I think I better dig it out!

  4. Honestly, a frozen rag was our LO's fav teether... he didn't want anything to do with the giraffe. But it will depend on your baby. It seems the more you spend the less you like it. Afterall DS's favorite toys are the boxes the big expensive toys come in. Good luck with teething. And if you think about it, look up baltic amber teething necklaces. That helped us a lot too

  5. overpriced.
    i refused to buy one for my son, but bought one for my daughter last fall. she never uses it, and ive tried. the squeeking just drives the dog insane and from what i get from it, its an over glorified dog toy. same material, same squeak etc. i was able to get it half price so that was the only reason i did buy it. but at the full price.. not worth it.
    and i find that dirt sticks to it, it always looks dirty due to the type of finish on it. it attracts hair and grim and grossness. im actually sad that i wasted money on it.

    a couple things she does love.. teething bling necklace by smartmom jewelry.. rave reveiews for that!
    and the teether ball.. at $5 its great. both my kids love them-

  6. I've heard great things but I thinks it's a love it or hate it thing for your baby. Certain things they love, and some things they don't care for much at all...and in that case it's overpriced. You won't know until you try it though!

  7. I bought one for my future Granddaughter since it was on the registry. It has gotten rave reviews and if it saves a few hours of teething misery it's well worth it!

  8. Thanks everyone for all the great feedback :) I just learned that on of Hope's favorite Aunt's has purchased this for her as a Bday gift :) I will be sure to follow up & let you know how it works for her!!

  9. Glad I found your blog on the blog hop. Wasn't expecting such a mom blog with your title. And, by the way, the banner is gorgeous!

    With you little one you might like my blog. Hope you will visit and follow.

    Have a great weekend, Paula

  10. I'm not one for buying overpriced things that you're child will only use for a few months. There are SO many things that parents buy for the first year or so of life that is just not necessary. I have 3 kids and we've gotten by with the cheap teethers just fine. Of course, by the time you have 3 kids, you're completely done with buying anything new for your kids!

  11. Very cute but I don't think I could justify spending this much on a teether! :)

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  12. Seems overpriced to me :) Thanks for stopping by and following - Following back!



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