Friday, January 14, 2011

Homage To The Classics

It cracks me up how sophisticated toys for babies & toddlers are nowadays- they even sell baby computers!  What I find most amusing, is that while some toys have every bell and whistle modern technology can offer, it is often the simple, classic toys that are the favorites among little ones.  (Or in the case of my daughter lately, she finds her tube of diaper cream only slightly less fascinating than the dog's water bowl.. sigh ;) )

My 2 and a half year olds favorite toy is a slinky. I love it.  I remember spending hours watching my slinky walking down the stairs (I can still here the tune to the commercial "slinky, slinky,.. makes a wonderful toy for a girl or a boy!)

And who among us did not have the good old fisher price ring stacker?  It is still a favorite with my daughter.  I am looking forward to when she can walk so I can get her the ball popper push toy- another toy I remember pushing around and having a blast with.  So, while I appreciate technology, here is to those classic toys that are still around for good reason- babies and kids still love them!!!


  1. So agree with you Kelly, about those three toys. My two year old grandson absolutely loves his slinky, and his one year old sister laughs and laughs when we play with it! Gosh, that Fisher Price Stacker took me back. I think MY daughters had one of those!!

  2. Classic toys are the best by far. Kids don't care about all the fancy stuff they just want something fun and simple to play with.

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  3. Totally agree... The classics rule! But beware of the Corn Popper because along with it's ability to entertain young children, it also has the potential to drive you severely insane!


  4. I love classic toys! It's great that Target has a line of old classics that they try and bring back. The only one I was disappointed with was the clock. It was not wood! It had a print that covered whatever it was made out of.

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  5. I agree... I have this nephew who's kinda fascinated to gadgets now.. but he's the only one I knew like that.. there's a lot of babies that are would play nothing but simple toys..classic ones.

  6. My toddler loved the classic toys too. She has a few fancy ones she really enjoys now, but the best toy of all is a box!

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  8. You're so right about those classics. The best part of them, too, is that they allow a child's imagination to work - the fancy toys that "do it all" just make them sit and watch them!

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  10. I actually (well, my kids) have all of those three toys in their playroom. These classic toys are really great! Newest follower.

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  13. Slinky was the best! And also Etch A Sketch was another of my favorites.



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