Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Great Music & Sensory Toys For Baby & Toddler

This is an excerpt from my most recent article:

Three Top Musical Toy Picks

I wanted to share a couple of great multi function sensory toys that are great for a baby or toddler. It can be very difficult to find toys that are of high sound quality, not to sound or too low, & that are stimulating. These toys are also excellent for children who have a visual impairment and/or are overwhelmed easily as all the toys light up and are of a high quality sound without being too "busy". After much trial and error, I have listed three of my favorites here:

Neurosmith Sunshine Symphony

While this toy is on the pricier side, it is well worth it.  This soft sun plays the highest quality of sound of any toy I have found on the market.  It plays beautiful classical music & lights up while playing.  Each "sun ray" has a different tactile experience for your little one.  One of the rays has a nubby teetheron the end, another ray has a squeeker, one has small stimulating beads inside, and the fourth has crinkly paper inside.  Three of the rays also have visually stimulating patches. This toy is also great because it is stimulating without being overwhelming. I highly recommend this product as it has plenty of stimulating multi-sensory input for all types of children.

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