Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Featured Artist: Pseudooctopus

I would like to introduce you all to a lovely person and artist.  Her name is Georgia and she is the artist behind Pseudooctopus on Etsy.  She makes beautiful, unique, and whimsical artwork.  My all time favorite work of Georgia's is this one called "Enchanted Moon".

For me, this piece holds so much feeling and beauty.  It brings me back to my childhood, growing up in Pennsylvania.. Love this!!

I asked Georgia if she could share a little bit about herself.  I love how she describes nature, reality, magic, & how they all can blend together.. she describes so well what personally draws me to her work.  For me, looking at her art, is like stepping into a picture book.. I can see the story unfold in my head as I look at her work.

In Georgia's own words:

 "I grew up in Rhode Island surrounded by the forest and the beach, and hence many of my works are framed by sky, water, or trees. When I draw and paint I tend to focus more on what I would like reality to be than what it is, and I tell myself stories as I scribble away. When sketching an Octopus reading a book and enjoying a cup of tea, I'm envisioning the moment just after, when his underwater doorbell rings and he must put his book aside and lumber down a sea coral hallway on all eight tentacles grumbling in a drift of bubbles. I love the blend of nature and storybook, bears taking to bicycles, hedgehogs remembering their umbrellas, penguins testing flight with balloons. The people I draw have often accidentally stumbled upon strangeness and are either encountering this nature-magic, or magic themselves. It's rare that I draw from life, because I feel like there are plenty of paintings of fruit in bowls and far too few of owls knitting socks! 

These days I live with my fiancee (I'm getting used to saying that, I was just proposed to on St. Patrick's day last week!) and our many pet rodents and cats which serve as constant muses for the creatures in my work."

Congrats on your engagement, Georgia! We all wish you much happiness :)

Here are a few of my other favorite pieces.. be sure to check out Pseudooctocpus & find which ones move you!!


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