Saturday, December 31, 2011

Glow In The Dark Genuine Sea Glass Pendant

Genuine sea green beach glass that is ready to wear and make a statement. This sea glass was glazed with a clear glaze that glows in the dark. It only need a little light (natural or artificial) to rev it up and it will glow green in the dark! (My camera is not sophisticated enough to capture the image. I will try and borrow one soon). The added benefit of the glaze is that the piece looks like it was freshly picked from the sea. It is a subtle difference from the non glazed sea glass, it just gives it a less chalky look that dried seaglass can sometimes have. 

Wether worn with jeans, a summer outfit, or a little back dress, it is a fun, funky pirce to wear.The piece has been organically wire wrapped with silvered copper~ no tarnishing or polishing to worry about. (If you live near the sea, sterling silver can be a real pain the way it reacts with the salty air!!) This piece will appear lighter or darker depending on the light & what it is up against :


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