Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Book Review

Wow, am I glad this is the book I chose after my spell away from reading.  Lisbeth Salander is an unforgettable character.  Her flaws make her believable and it is nice to get to know a character with such depth.  The small hints to her past leave me wondering what happened in her life to shape her into the person in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.  The story had more twists and turns than the Pennsylvania backroads I grew up around.  An intelligent, well written story  loaded with intrigue and suspense.  I highly recommend it.  Be forewarned though, once you hit about page 73, you will have a very difficult time putting this book back down until you reach the end.

I am so grateful I already have the 2nd book in the series, The Girl Who Played With Fire as I am hooked!


  1. Glad you enjoyed this book. My daughter is having the set of 3 for Christmas, and I shall definitely be borrowing them after her! So many people have recommended his books to me, so it will be interesting for me to see if they are as good as they are hyped up to be.

  2. They are really good!! My only complaint was about 20 pages of a moderately slow section from roughly page 40 something to 60 something. By page about 73- the book took off like a rocket!



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