Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Clogged Sink & General Drain Care DIY

We learned this one from a plumber.  He told us that for a clogged drain, rather than spending $$$ on Liquid Drano & the like, there is a cheaper, easier way.  All you need to do is poor bleach into your clogged sink (the amount you pour depends on how stubborn the clog is, generally use about 6-8 cups worth) then follow this with a pot of near boiling to boiling pot of water.  Repeat as necessary.

We were also told that to keep drains clean, odor free, and prevent future clogging, to do this about once every 6 months.  I recently had a bad clog in our bathroom sink & this worked after only 2 "doses" of bleach & boiling water.  I like the idea of doing this as opposed to using something full of who know what kind of nasty chemicals!!


  1. Great tip! Thanks for stopping by today. Happy Wednesday!!


  2. Hi Kelly. That's a really good tip, to avoid using too many chemicals. Hope you're having a good day.

  3. Thanks for sharing this tip! I had my disposal clogg up and used boiling water to clear it. I can't wait to try this because I hate the smell of drano.

    Have a great day!

  4. Thanks for the tip! This would surely save money for some of our friends out there rather than having to regularly buy such product. As always, regular maintenance would do us wonders rather than having to wait for the drains to be clogged again before doing it.

    Lovella Cushman

  5. That was nice of your plumber to recommend that; although this step is actually more of a preventive measure than a remedy, if the whole thing is already clogged up. However, this can be a great form of maintenance for your sinks and drains as it is way cheaper than waiting for them to get clogged up again.
    Katrina Spencer


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