Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Brilliant & Green Idea from Slitelyaskew on Etsy!

Love these argyle cozies.. and I am willing to bet they not only work a lot better than those cardboard sleeves from burning your hand, but they will keep your drink hotter longer!!  To visit Slitelyaskew's Etsy shop, Click Here


  1. Thanks so much for featuring my cozies! They do keep your hands nice and cozy and act like a little preppy sweater for your hot drink, keeping the heat in longer. Wonderful blog!

  2. Every cup of coffee needs a preppy sweater! However, I may need to head of to your shop to look for an animal print or something fuzzy & pink for my salted caramel hot chocolate. Here I go...


  3. these are so cool... I mean hot!!! lol really cute original idea! Love coming here to see all your links! Love it!! Just had someone visit my blog from yours too! Thanks so much for listing it :) xx



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