Friday, October 8, 2010

The New Mom's (or Just Plain Busy Woman's) Guide to Super Quick Beauty

The Very Basic

It can be hard enough to find time to shower or brush your teeth as a new Mom. Look good? Some days it can seem well beyond your reach. There are a few simple things, though, that you can do to help you really start looking and feeling better. Here are some products I have found that take seconds to use, but give long term benefits and the best "wow" factor in the least amount of time. So lets get started:
  • Oil of Olay Regenerist. This is an easy one. Apply this every day for healthy looking skin. Using this every day means less wrinkles, less breakouts, & a higher skin cell turnover rate.
  • St Ives Apricot Scrub. If you are prone to blackheads, breakouts, or oily skin, I recommend the version for just that. Otherwise, I recommend the Invigorating version of this product. Once again, taking care of you skin means you look better all day. The best way, I find to use this product is in the shower. Massage the product onto your face for 30 seconds to one minute. For additional benefits, leave it on for a minute or two while washing your hair etc.. This way, you get more bang for your buck by letting the product have time to work on your skin.
  • Almay One Coat Mascara. If you only have time to use one makeup product, I recommend mascara. Be sure to curl your lashes first as this really makes 
  • your eyes appear larger and opens up the entire face. I strongly recommend Almay One Coat Mascara in black. You can choose lengthening or curling according to your individual needs.
So you have the minimum here. If you do these simple things, you will look be able to look like you have it together, even if you don't quite fee like it yet thanks to all the lack of sleep in your life. Now, have a few extra seconds? Here are a few more items I recommend that look great & really do what they promise. Choose them all, or pick the one that you feel will give you the most benefit to completing your beauty routine. Here we go:

  • Rush Hour instant makeover for lips & cheeks by Benefit.  This subtle lipstick looks great on all skin colors.  I was not a person who wore lipstick until I found this product.  The best way to apply this to lips is to gently dab across your lower lip, then rub your lips together.  This prevents that heavy lipstick look while giving you a perfect amount of color to brighten up your face.  Love, love this product!  Feeling extra pale? Dab a few dots on your finger & rub into your cheeks. 
  • Lemon Aid color correcting eyelid primer by Benefit. Dab & blend this lightly across your eyelids to brighten up your eyes & remove redness.  When needed you can also blend a dot of this on the inside of your inner eye as well as along you lower rim if you have a lot of redness.  This really wakes up the face and adds a lot of polish by evening out your skin color.  If you have a tendency towards redness around your nose, this can also be lightly blended along your outer flare of the nostrils.  Not only does it get rid of redness, but your nose will look smaller too!
  • High Beam luminescent complexion enhancer by Benefit.  Use the brush to dab from above your mid eyebrow to outer cheeks- 4 light dabs per side does the trick.  Blend well and you have a dewy, fresh complexion.  

Finally, for when you are out and about, I recommend keeping two items in your purse.  Rush Hour by Benefit and Realness of Concealness by Benefit.  This second item is great because it has mini versions of High Beam & Lemon Aid in one handy little container with the added benefit of a great neutral concealer and an under eye cream that moisturizes as well as uses light- reflecting pigments to perk up tired eyes.
I hope this helps.  I have spent too much money over the years trying to find products that did what they promised.  The ones listed here are fabulous, affordable, and look great!

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