Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Thought & Request :)

Good Morning All,

As I stated in my opening description of my blog, I want this site to be a place of inspiration, creativity, and a refuge to come find some good, positive energy in a world that sometimes seems to lack it.  So if you see an item or creation on this site that you like, I encourage you to comment on it.  Let the artist or designer know that they have a great product & that you admire it.  We can all use the good feedback & encouragement!!  Also, the response on requests from you all regarding items that I might like to post has been wonderful.  Please don't be afraid to continue to send me anything you think might be right for this blog, even if it is more than once.  I have gotten a ton of requests & am doing my best to give the time deserved to each request.  I would hate to think I missed something, so keep all the great links to the great finds coming!  Thanks everyone & have a great day. And remember- pay kindness forward :)

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