Wednesday, February 9, 2011

From the Mouths of Babes

A friend of mine got into a discussion about religion with his  2 children while driving in the car.  After speaking for 20 minutes or so on the subject of being agnostic and different religions from around the world the younger son (5 years old), piped up and said "So Dad, your a non-stick? Does that mean you don't have to stick to any one religion?"

I also wanted to add another fabulous photo by Kathleen Spivey (I added my own caption!)

"Hey, Bob, is that you?"


  1. Ug, that's so sad. Either all religions are false OR all religions except one are false. There can be only one truth. I hope the agnostic and his kids find the truth.
    (It is funny, though, about the non-stick.)

  2. I actually took the story as a positive.. The Dad spent a lot of time trying to inform his kids about all the different religions in the world and explain how he felt on the topic. I think open communication is good~ & the non-stick thing cracked me up :)

  3. absolutely "out of the mouths of babes!!" Love it!

  4. Its great that this dad can be honest about his beliefs and share them with his children and that humor comes from it.

    Following you back from - sorry it took me so long! Dealing with toddler sickness isn't fun. :(

  5. Oh no East9th~ that is the worst, I know! Hope your little one is feeling better!!

  6. ha! Kids are so great!!

    hey, I have a new CSI Blog up! thought you'd be interested.

  7. Hi, I followed you on google friends from I hope you follow me back. Thanks : )

  8. Thanks for including my picture! I love to photograph Chickadees, they are just adorable birds.



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